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Cabbage Patch Kids

Price : $9.99-$34.99

Created by Xavier Roberts, the iconic and beloved Cabbage Patch Kids have touched the hearts and households of millions around the world for over 30 years! See the 2015 line found at Wicked Cool Toys!

  14” Cabbage Patch Kids are ready for fun, fashion and love and  will create magical memories and be a  part of your child's life and a friend forever! With eight different fashion themes and a varied matrix of Kids® to choose from, there is sure to be a Cabbage Patch Kid that relates to your very own child's personality. The new Kids® collection includes the Preppy Girl, Rocker Girl, Adventure Girl, Glitz Girl, Trendy Girl, Glam Girl, Vintage Girl and the Adventure Boy. The new ‘Kids®  collection features girls and boys in the new styles, and each comes with a unique one-of-a-kind name, birth date and their very own birth certificate and adoption paper from BabyLand General® Hospital. And, now for the first time ever, these Cabbage Patch Kids feature a bracelet with a heart shaped charm that interacts with the Kids' newest best friends - the adorable Adoptimal Pets. Make the promise to love and care for your Kid® and take the Oath of Adoption to join the Cabbage Patch Kids family today! Ages 3+, SRP: $34.99.
  CPK Dancing Toddler: Boogie down baby and get into the groove with the first ever Cabbage Patch Dancing Toddler Performer! These talented Cabbage Patch Kids® are ready for adoption from BabyLand General Hospital with the dream of dancing with YOU! Simply squeeze their hand to hear everyone’s favorite dance song “I Feel Good” and watch them dance! Take the Oath of  Adoption  today  and  start  dancing  with  your  baby!  Ages  2+,  SRP: $37.99.
  Rainforest CutiesThe all-new Cabbage Patch Rainforest Cuties are as snug as a bug in a rug and need your love and care! Inspired by the color and beauty of the tropics, these soft and cuddly Cuties are all dressed up in bright colored costumes of their favorite animals including a Ladybug, Monkey, Frog, Butterfly and Jaguar. Cuties love to suck their thumb and feature a snuggly onesie with an adjustable hood, ready for adventure. Cute and cuddly, little ones will be begging mommy to collect them all so they can have their own Cabbage Patch Kingdom! Ages 18 months +, SRP: $9.99.
Drink N' Wet NewbornMake room in your heart for the Cabbage Patch Kids Drink N’ Wet Newborn! Just like real newborns, with a little imagicillin and a lot of love, this newborn comes to life for feeding and changing. Every little one just loves to emulate their mommy and will have hours of fun embracing special "mommy like" moments as they feed their Drink N' Wet Newborn. Add water to the bottle included and care for your baby when a new diaper is needed. There are five adorable fashions to choose from and each newborn comes with its own bottle. Take the Oath of Adoption today and give this Cabbage Patch Kid a loving home!  Ages 2+, SRP: $19.99.
  Naptime at BabyLand: For the first time ever, Cabbage Patch Kids Naptime at BabyLand Babies are celebrating BabyLand General Hospital in a big way! Now you can learn all about where your Cabbage Patch Baby was born.  These endearing  Naptime  at  BabyLand  babies  are  the perfect way to introduce little ones to their first one-of-a-kind Cabbage Patch Kid and embrace those magical childhood memories   that   will   be   shared   for   generations   to   come! Measuring in at 12.5", the BabyLand Babies include six realistic baby fashions with beautiful fabrics and exciting new prints. Each baby comes  with  a  personalized  birth  certificate,  adoption papers, a blanket and a pacifier or bottle. Precious, priceless and perfect for collecting your own nostalgic BabyLand Nursery! Take the Oath of Adoption today and give this Cabbage Patch baby a loving home! Ages 18 months +, SRP: $29.99.


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