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Custom 3D Shadow Box, 8″x8″

Price : 30

Beautiful custom made shadow boxes features phrases and decorative items. Shadow boxes are customized and personalized to your specifications. Choose from:

WINE CORK SHADOW BOX with phrase “The best wines are the ones we share with friends” and include wine corks inside. Can be personalized with your name or different choice phrase.

SEASHELL SHADOW BOX: with phrase "The SAND may brush off & the SALT may brush away but the MEMORIES will last forever" and include sea shells inside. Can be personalized with your name or different choice phrase. Remember a special beach vacation with a family photo as well!

CHRISTMAS THROUGH THEIR EYES SHADOW BOX: an adorable shadow box featuring children's silhouettes looking out the blinds on Christmas Eve to see a magical site!

CHRISTMAS BELLS SHADOW BOX: features phrase "Every time a bell rings an angel gets their wings" with jingle bells inside and decorated for the holidays with angel wings. Can be personalized or customized with a different phrase.


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