Packing for Six for our Norwegian Escape

Some days I feel it gets harder as the kids get older to do the most mundane things, like running into a grocery store. Being in the dairy aisle trying to break up three boys wrestling is not fun, nor is it easy.  When they were younger, it was much easier to put them into a shopping cart or push around the big bulky stroller and get my shopping with four

Same thing with traveling. It was so much easier when their little clothes would fit into one suitcase and I could just pull out three of the same outfits for 7 days and dress the boys the same.  The twins were the same size and I didn’t have to distinguish who’s outfits belonged to which kid.

We are headed on a Caribbean cruise, our third in four years, with Norwegian Cruise line, at the end of this month. I am super excited to go on the Norwegian Escape, the newest and biggest ship of their fleet, and cannot wait for our long awaited vacation.  I have been packing for our upcoming vacation for three weeks. Ordinarily we travel to our Wyndham Timeshare, which has a washer and dryer in all units, so there does not feel as much pressure on me to remember everything and enough, because I could always throw on a load of laundry (which we usually do at least 5 times during the course of a week’s vacation). This time, we do not have regular access to a washer/dryer, so I need to make sure we have everything we need.

900x312-Upsell_Getaway MI.Escape.AquaPark2015_3

I started about a month ago, making an inventory of all the “new-ish” clothes the kids have.  I did not get far, because my kids love to wear new clothes outside or to camp despite my cries against it. So shopping we went.  And went again. And again.  Target, Children’s Place, Marshall’s, Walmart, KMart, Old Navy, online shopping and more, we spent a small fortune on these kids and their clothes and shoes.  Next I put everything into outfits and wrote them all out in a notebook, which I later transferred to the notebook in my iPhone, so I could have a better idea of what I still needed to pick up when I was out.  I not only did this for my kids, I did it for my husband and I.

packing inventory packing inventory 2

Next was figuring out how to fit all these clothes into bags. We have eight suitcases, a carry-on, each kid has a Yankees sling bag with their iPads and summer reading books to keep them occupied while travelling, and a partridge in a pear tree. Yes. I feel like I am taking my kitchen sink on my Caribbean Cruise.  I truly hope I am not forgetting anything, but I am sure I am.  Oh well. It is 2017 and if it is something that is absolutely necessary, I am sure I can get it on the ESCAPE!

luggage 3

Stay tuned for details on our cruise when we return just in time for SCHOOL TO BEGIN (yes, I still have to do school supply inventory and shopping before September 6).



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