A Blogger’s Return

August 1, 2017. It has been quite some time since I last posted a blog. Why? I guess you can say I have been busy. A married mom of four who works full time hours from my home, running in between clients to different baseball, football, softball or hockey games, attending PTA or BOE meetings, tending to the house and the husband and the extended family, trying to keep up with playdates, friends, running to the city to visit those from “back home”, I had decided to take a break from BLOGGING.

But every day I would get that pull. Everything that would happen in the last four months in my life or in the news I would think about how I could create a blog around the topic. Since I was a little girl, I loved to write, and after becoming a mom, blogging became very cathartic for me. I blogged through every life changing event since becoming a parent. I blogged though the ups and downs of life, and through it all, writing helped me keep going. Blogging took my thoughts that would constantly float in my head and make me worry and bring them out there to the universe. Blogging was – is – my therapy.

So after four months, I am back. Stay tuned for all of my thoughts on life, family, travel, health, education, local news and more! And as always, with any blog or social media outlet, if you do not like the topic or my thoughts, feel free to keep scrolling. But I hope you enjoy and will stay!

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