The Massapequa ShopRite is OPEN!

This morning was the ‘soft opening’ of the Massapequa ShopRite, our newest (and highly anticipated) grocery store!  The store has been vacant for what seems like forever since Waldbaum’s closed down at the 5508 Sunrise Highway location. Although I wasn’t a big Walmart fan, it was very convenient anytime I stopped at either Michael’s, Toys R Us or Staples (and the old Dollar Tree) to run in and get that gallon of milk I needed or pick up something to make for dinner after a long day out.

Walking through the front doors, both my husband and I were extremely impressed. What a beautiful store!  And it has EVERYTHING you could possibly want in a grocery store!

When you first walk in, you see the awesome produce section, and it is such a grand site! There’s a grill, where you can order anything from eggs on a roll to your dinner – fresh and hot!  If you aren’t ready to eat right away, you can enjoy the fresh cooked refrigerated meals. The green beans and garlic looked amazing! The fresh baked goods are to die for! Breads, cakes, cookies, donuts – with a nice selection you can walk away with or feel free to place an order!  I was incredibly impressed with the seafood section, and the woman behind the counter was so sweet (as was ALL staff!). I picked up chopmeat for meatloaf that we had for dinner tonight and chicken breasts for tomorrow night.  And although the Can-Can sale isn’t until after the holidays, I was thrilled that the low sodium green beans I love to keep on hand for when I do not have the time to make fresh veggies were on sale (with your Shop Rite card, which you could get when walking in if you don’t already have one) for only $0.47!

I’ve traveled a lot to other ShopRite stores because I always get great meat and produce and ALWAYS save money.  I am THRILLED to now have a ShopRite right here in Massapequa!  I met Melissa, the owner, today, and I will be connecting with their PR staff so I can blog and post about any upcoming events and specials ShopRite will be offering!  HOW EXCITING!  (This is NOT a paid post, by the way, I was just so excited that it is open, I HAD to share!


2 Responses to “The Massapequa ShopRite is OPEN!

  • LaToya
    3 years ago

    I AM SOOOO EXCITED!!! I USE TO TRAVEL at least 30 MINUTES to a SHOPRITE!!! NOW I CAN WALK if I WANT!!!! THIS IS SUPER SUPER SUPER NEWS!!!!! Plus I can get coupons now…..The other stores told me I didn’t get coupons because there was no SHOPRITE near me.

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