Massapequa Panera Bread “Bakers-in-Training” Class!

Last week, we enjoyed an evening with some friends at Massapequa Panera Bread for “Baker’s in Training Classes”. If you never heard of this before, Panera Bread locations on Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island offer its Bakers-in-Training program as a great way to introduce children to kitchen essentials and the fundamentals of baking.

The kids (AND the adults) had a great time baking bread and icing cookies. It was a fun and informative experience for all of us! Take a look at our pictures and see more about our class!

Interested in more info about how you can participate in a Bakers-In-Training Class with your child?

This fun-filled culinary experience is designed for kids ages 5–12, where Panera Bread will let them try their hand at the craft of bread making by stretching and scoring French baguettes, decorating their own cookie and icing a cinnamon roll with tips from the managers. As the B.I.T await their delicious items to bake, the café managers will lead them on a tour of the bakery and show them the daily operations. At the end of the tour, each child will take home the items they baked and a Panera Bread Badge signifying their completion of the program.

Made for groups of 10–15, this is a great activity for classes, scout groups and birthday parties. While registration is normally $20 per child, the Bakers-in-Training program at Panera Bread locations owned by Doherty Enterprises on Long Island, Staten Island, Queens and Brooklyn are offered at no cost!

The classes run approximately 45 minutes to one hour and must be scheduled at least six weeks in advance by inquiring with a Panera Bread manager. Classes are available with start times between 2:00PM-4:30PM.

Massapequa Family enjoyed this opportunity to become Bakers-in-Training!



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