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My journey through infertility is now years ago.  My husband and I have dealt with infertility, pregnancy loss, and secondary infertility. No matter how many years pass, I am always brought back to my years of infertility.  It is part of my life, part of my history, part of my family.  I always have a soft spot for those dealing with infertility, and always am looking for more information on how women and couples can overcome their own struggles and succeed in conceiving and having a healthy baby.

I’ve always been open with my struggles, often blogging about the issues we’ve struggled before becoming a family of six.  I spent so many years wanting to become a mother, and then wanting to be a mother again, and having been through a roller coaster of emotions and procedures (losses are heart wrenching, and infertility treatments are draining, frustrating and took over my life for some time), I will always have a soft spot for anyone still struggling.

The Stork OTC is a home use conception aid that combines an innovative applicator and an established conception technique – cervical cap insemination.  The Stork OTC utilizes cervical cap insemination, giving couples the ability to use this technique in the privacy of their own home, without a prescription.

While my first bout of infertility was two pregnancy losses, the first an ectopic pregnancy, the second caused by low progesterone, my secondary infertility was due to both my husband’s count and my own issues.  We did medications, injectibles, and IUI, and were blessed with our twin boys.  The experience drained us physically and mentally, the romance factor was severely diminished, the privacy factor was gone, and we were tested as a couple and as a family.  I would have LOVED to use the Stork OTC before all of that, and in my situation, I am fairly certain I could have avoided all of those procedures, as the Stork OTC would have been successful for us.

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