@Limoncello is BACK at @StopandShop

Last year, we talked about the Limoncello Inspired Creations at Stop and Shop.  I was thrilled to learn it is back!


Limoncello is an Italian liquer made from the uniquely sweet-tart Sorrento lemon. Stop and Shop ran a whole line of Limoncello items last year.  Best sellers and new favorites are throughout the store, but only for a limited time!

My favorite are still the cookies, and I can’t wait to get into Stop and Shop to see if they still have the almonds.  But there are just so many good originals to try!  I’m pretty excited about the ice cream sandwiches, but since I love the scent of lemons, I would love to try the dish soap and hand soap.  And while I’m at it, I might as well pick up the candle!

We have tried the Limoncello Inspired Blueberry Pancake Mix and yum!  Different breakfast choice that we all enjoyed!  Now I have to go back and get some more before they are all gone.  And I hope the Limoncello Creations will be back next year!


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