Massapequa Budget Vote Results

The Massapequa Budget Vote Results are in.

msd 2016 results


These last three months in the ‘burbs taught me a lot. Today is bittersweet. I’m thrilled to say my town not only voted to pass the budget, but my children will be able to enjoy new fields at the middle school, and even though my daughter goes to high school in September, as long as she keeps playing she’ll enjoy them too along with her three little brothers.

This blog was originally started as a way to chronicle the transition of this city mom to the suburbs just three years ago.  As many of you know, adjusting to the suburbs hasn’t been as easy a transition for me as it was for my husband and kids. This last year or so, being more involved at BOE and PTA meetings, has certainly added to my doubts here as many of these moms (dads too) are divisive and cruel and downright dirty… I hear, however, these days it is all over, not just in my town. And I’m pretty sure it is now going on back home, too. Nevertheless, I think it is time we stop this behavior.  After all, these parents are raising the kids that are growing up with our children.  The downright disturbing things that they say about members of our administration and board are beyond despicable.  There is a civil and progressive way to make positive change, and considering only 10% of our town came out to vote, to allow 50 or so residents out of 40,000 to degrade these people helping in the education of our children is something that we need to put an end to. It is called being decent human beings.

And while I shake my head in disbelief that people can be so vile, these last few months have also led me to meet some amazing people in this town who share many of the beliefs my husband and I have.  The team behind Mark David is all about the children.  Mark and company should be proud of the efforts they put forth and the clean campaign they ran.  He was honest, sincere and is a man full of integrity with his heart completely in Massapequa.

There is nothing more important to us than our kids. And our babies deserve the best. I will keep fighting these people who chose to drag the town down until they throw me out (literally or figuratively???) and even then, I’ll make sure my kids have nothing but the best.

We may have lost the battle for the open BOE seat, but we will not lose the war. Our budget has passed, our fields will get re-done.  I  may not agree with everything that this district does, but I stand behind the administration for a job well done on educating my children along with the other 7000+ kids in this district.  I will question the district if necessary, but will never be part of any team to undermine these men and women who give so much for our town.  Massapequa is a beautiful town, I am proud to have four children thriving in MSD, and I look forward to when people will become more decent human beings again. Our kids deserve it!



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