Boozy Recipes

I know my readers always enjoy fun recipes, so I thought I’d share some fun Boozy Recipes!  What’s a boozy recipe?  Well, a boozy recipe is either a special drink OR a snack/dessert with booze!

Let me start with my favorite, Boozy Caramel Popcorn.  Yes, Caramel Butter Popcorn Cocktail!  If you’re pressed for time, a simpler way to enjoy Boozy Popcorn is to pop a bag in the microwave, then drizzle the Caramel Butter Popcorn Cocktail on top!  YES!

boozy caramel popcorn

Okay, so it’s clear you like simple.  Who doesn’t?  It can’t get any simpler than this! Boozy Fruit Cocktail!  Drain a can of fruit cocktail and add Mix Party Fruit Tingle Mix Cocktail and chill!  After the kids go to sleep, enjoy your “fruit” drink!

boozy fruit cocktail

For those who enjoy shots, here is the simplest and most enjoyable shot we can do!  Slice off the tops of some strawberries.  In each strawberry, pour in a shot of Chocolate Coconut Mix Cocktail, top with some whipped cream and enjoy!

strawberry chocolate shots

If you’re into mixed drinks, well so are we!  Check out some of these cool mixes!

white russian clip drink recipes

If you are interested in learning more about Mix Party, please email us!  Jennifer and Paul Nevadomski or comment below!



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