House Swap 101 and our DIY Clock Pics!

If you have been following Massapequa Family since our move here back in December 0f 2012, you may remember how we bought my in-law’s high ranch and did renovations on the first floor to make it ours.  We were very content with our four bedroom three bath living arrangements, although the only negative was that the kids’ bedrooms were upstairs and our bedroom was downstairs.  While we heard every move the kids made as the staircase was right outside our bedroom door, I should have gone up to their rooms much more often than I did, as they thought it was okay for their rooms to look like tornadoes constantly came through them!

Right after the new year three plus months ago, my father-in-law fell ill.  He had not been well for a while, but it seemed that over the holidays he deteriorated very quickly.   He would spend eight weeks in the hospital and then rehab.  The last few times he had to get to the doctor before he was admitted to the hospital, it was becoming increasingly difficult for him to make it down the stairs, even with the help of my husband, mother-in-law and myself.  While he was hospitalized, we attempted to figure out how to make him coming home as convenient for him as possible.  We decided to swap.  So earlier this month, we moved upstairs and my in-laws (with my father-in-law still in rehab of course) moved downstairs.

After visiting upstairs for 10 years, I knew that after we moved, I had to make our new digs our own.  Even though our furniture was up here, we haven’t yet painted and we plan on doing some more renovations, although we’re not ready to do them, and I wanted to make the home more ours, rather than a second take of my in-laws’ home.  One of the first things we did after the move was to put up our photos.

Since we have a high ranch, there is a beautiful entryway as you enter our front door.  I searched for ways to decorate the large wall, and contemplated a tree of photos, but decided on a clock.  I got my DIY skills to work and hooked up my Silhouette Cameo craft cutter.  I purchased twelve frames, picked out twelve family photos, and got to work on our phrase.  As our craft/party business’ tagline was always “Because every moment is a memory” and because we were making each moment (rather each hour) a moment in our memories, I knew this was the right phrase for us.

Paul and I were ready to hang our photos when we changed our minds to only use four photos, one each at 12:00.3:00. 6:00 and 9:00.  We used four of our favorite family moments: our wedding day, my sister’s wedding, our family cruise from 2014 and the kids’ Christmas photo from 2015.  We finished up the wall with baby pictures of each of the kids on the left side and current pics of each of them on the right.  I could not be more pleased with the outcome.

Unfortunately, since the chandelier is in the way, it is hard to get a good photo, but I hope you get the idea!



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