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Two weeks ago, Paul and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary.  It was during mid-winter recess here in Massapequa, so the kids had off all week, and we decided to break up the week with some time away.  Since we are Wyndham Vacation Resort Owners, we love the ability to take a 2 hour drive and spend 2-3 days in the Atlantic City Skyline Tower Resort.  We got to enjoy time with the kids, and since I now have a teenager, a built in babysitter, we also got to spend some time with each other!

Right across the street from Skyline Tower is Resorts Casino Hotel.  We’ve been to Resorts so many times before, and when we walked into the building with the kids on Wednesday evening, the kids loved me recalling all the earlier trips we had made where we visited Resorts. Actually, it was when Paul and I were only married a few months almost 9 years ago we had stayed at Resorts and while walking through the casino, we met a Wyndham Vacation Resorts representative.  Later that day we became owners.  We returned a year later when pregnant with my twins.  We returned a year after that when pregnant with my little guy, and we rented a motorized scooter because I was supposed to be on bed rest and couldn’t walk through.  While Paul played some games, me and the three kids rode the scooter around the resort.  A few years later we returned and were actually there the day Licks opened (Licks is a candy store in Resorts).  We’ve eaten in a variety of restaurants in Resorts, and our favorite has to be Margaritaville!

We ate at Margaritaville back in 2013 during a long Memorial Day weekend.  We also ate at Landshark right across the boardwalk on the water.


The night we got to Atlantic City two weeks ago for our anniversary, we once again enjoyed an awesome evening in Resorts.  Dinner was in Margaritaville, and it was awesome!

For starters, we had the Asiago Crab Dip and I could have made a meal of it, that is how awesome it was.  The kids and Paul enjoyed the Volcano Nachos, and I snuck a few chips in there as well.  For dinner, I enjoyed my Crispy Coconut Shrimp!  Paul got Landshark Lager Fish and Chips.  He said it was delicious! My daughter got Seafood Mac and Cheese and loved it. The little guys got the usual: cheeseburger, hamburger and chicken strips.

And who could go to Margaritaville and NOT have a margarita (or two???)  I enjoyed those beauties immensely!

Although we have not had desserts in the last few months since we are trying to focus on weightloss, we did order (and it was WELL worth it!) the Chocolate Hurricane for dessert.  Vanilla bean ice cream served with brownies, Kit Kat and Heath bars, pirouette and mini shortbread cookies, sliced banana, whipped cream and chopped macadamia nuts. Swirled tableside with chocolate and caramel sauces. Holy Heaven!

We definitely think that you need to visit Resorts in Atlantic City, play some games, enjoy some drinks,and grab a meal at Margaritaville!

Disclaimer: Our family enjoyed a meal at Margaritaville, complements of Resorts, in order to facilitate this review.  All onions expressed are my own and are honest!


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