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On the coldest weekend of the year, possibly the century, we get to our #1 Family Vacation Idea…  a family cruise!  (In case you missed our complete top 10, you can find it here).  Personally, we recommend an NCL Cruise right out of New York City, and the Breakaway is the most amazing cruise ship you will see in this area!  But guess what?  It takes you to either the Caribbean or Bermuda depending on the time of year.  So had you booked this week on the NCL Cruise Breakaway headed to warmer climate, you’d be missing out on 2 degrees here in New York!

Our family sailed on the NCL Breakaway out of NYC on November 9, 2014.  Our ports of call were Port Canaveral, Great Stirrup Cay and Nassau, Bahamas.  My husband and I sailed with our four kids, and I have to say this was the best trip our family has ever been on!

Everything was PERFECT!  The staff was fantastic. The kids program staff was just awesome. My children had the time of their lives in the camp, and cried when we told them they could not go since we wanted them to stay with us for one night!  The restaurant staff was tremendous and helped us daily, with each and every meal, to make sure my husband’s sodium restriction was followed, and the food was spectacular!

There were so many things to do on the ship, that even if we didn’t get off in the ports (which we did and loved) we would have been quite happy on the boat!  There are amazing pools and waterslides, obstacle courses, games, activities, a gym,tons of different restaurants, classes, shows, performances, dancing, gambling, drinking, massages, and literally hundreds of other things to do through the week.   My full post with pictures can be seen here.

After spending the last two weeks preparing and recalling our top ten favorite family vacations, this past week we booked our summer vacation.  And although I would gladly return to any of the other nine places we’ve discussed, we will be returning to NCL and taking another family cruise, this time out of Miami.  We’ll be headed back to the Bahamas again (as my son Joseph begged and begged for!), and this time, since it is out of Miami, we have decided to drive.  Since I want to take our time driving, who knows?  We may find some other great places to tell you about in a few months!



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