#3. Myrtle Beach, Family Vacation #travelblogger

Myrtle Beach is another great place for a family vacation!  So many miles of beautiful beach, so many great things to do, awesome place to go to relax, have fun or both!

We visited Myrtle Beach a few years back and it was just what the doctor ordered at the time.  I was pregnant with my youngest, and we drove from New York to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in early August, just a month before my little guy would arrive.  I had been in pre-term labor and so we knew I needed to rest.

We stayed at Wyndham Ocean Boulevard and it was amazing.  I still think we should go back every year just for the lazy river right on the resort property!  I put my very pregnant behind in a tube with one of my twins, my husband had the other twin, my daughter had her own tube and we went around and around for hours!

We relaxed by the pool and the beach and I kept my feet up for most of the week.  I remained hydrated and did as little walking as possible in the heat.  When I felt I had enough, I went up to our suite and me and the boys went to sleep while my husband and daughter had a ball with miniature golf or fireworks on the beach.

Towards the end of the week when I was feeling great, we ventured out and took a short drive to Family Kingdom Amusement Park. My daughter and her cousins were thrilled and had so much fun!  They spent a few other nights playing miniature golf, which is abundant in Myrtle Beach.  We enjoyed a trip to Ripley’s Aquarium, where even the little guys were amazed with the beautiful sea creatures!

If I was a golfer, I’d be in heaven.  Myrtle Beach has some of the most amazing golf experiences in America.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is another amazing place for a great family vacation!  We certainly recommend it!



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