#6 Bahamas, Family Vacation #travelblogger

We’ve been counting down our top ten family vacation spots.  The problem is, I don’t just have one favorite, so the actual numbers in the countdown are not completely accurate!  For instance, although the Bahamas are coming in at number 6, they are certainly one of our absolute favorite family vacations EVER!  We went to the Bahamas as a family in November of 2014 and the kids LOVED it.  Last week, when asked what they wanted to do this year, my youngest (six year old Joe) said “Let’s go back to the Bahamas!”

The Bahamas are beautiful islands.  We’ve been there a few times and are looking to head back again this year.  We’ll likely be cruising to the Bahamas again, and if so, I know exactly where we will be headed.  Blue Lagoon.

For us, the best kept secret for traveling to the Bahamas is “Blue Lagoon Island” and Dolphin Encounters.  We were able to take a boat tour while heading over to Blue Lagoon.  The boat’s tour guide showed us so many landmarks, even houses owned by the rich and famous.  Seeing the beauty in nature of these islands is such a relaxing experience.  But that is just the beginning of “relaxing”.  Blue Lagoon is just breathtaking.  And a HUGE amount of fun!

The kids loved the tubes and the obstacle courses in the middle of the lagoon.  I loved the whole place.  The moment the boat pulled into the lagoon, I was in awe.  I put myself in a tube and floated the lagoon, without a care in the world.  Actually, that isn’t entirely true.  The only care I had was how I wanted my margarita which was a few feet away by our hammocks and I didn’t want to get out of the water!  Paul and I and all four of our children had the best time at Blue Lagoon.  Next time, we plan on doing the Dolphin Encounter.  We weren’t sure the kids would like it but after our day at Blue Lagoon and watching the kids get all excited seeing the dophins up close, we know we’ll definitely do it next time!

Blue Lagoon Island is one of our favorite places to be.  It is a must visit on your next Bahamas trip!



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