Recipe: Low Sodium Teriyaki Salmon With Veggies

While grocery shopping last week at Stew Leonard’s, they were sampling Teriyaki Salmon.  It was delicious, but ever since my husband had a heart attack almost two years ago, we are VERY careful with our sodium intake.  Unfortunately, almost everything you can buy in a grocery store that has teriyaki or soy sauce has way too much sodium.  But because I could not get it off my mind, I had to make my own low sodium teriyaki salmon!

I had been making a soy sauce substitute that I had found on for some time.  It was a great alternative to soy sauce and has ZERO sodium!  I was happy to find that their website also offered a teriyaki sauce recipe and it also has ZERO sodium!  The teriyaki sauce recipe called for soy sauce, but I had to make some adjustments to make them both low carb/low sugar as well.

Once I had the teriyaki sauce ready, I marinated my salmon for about an hour, cut up and sauteed my peppers and onions, made my rice and was all ready to go!

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I was pretty impressed when I calculated the nutrition details!  I served my teriyaki salmon and veggies over jasmine rice.  Of course, it added to the carb count, so you may want to leave it out.

teriyaki salmon nutriton

The family was very impressed with the amazing taste!  I could not believe how I could create a teriyaki dish with such low sodium!  And this meal was not only low sodium, the low fat count, high protein count and carb count was pretty impressive as well!

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