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As you are probably already aware from reading my past blog posts, we are a WWE family. My kids (and my husband) are obsessed. We watch every WWE event, we make it a point to try to get to any live events in our area, and my children have pretty much every figure imaginable. Earlier this week, even our Elf on the Shelf got into the WWE spirit!  I bet the other #WWEMoms have their elves involved too!

elf wwe

From the beginning, I always said that I was dragged into this WWE thing, that I didn’t like wrestling, and that I wished they weren’t all so obsessed.  But something has happened in the last few months.  I have become obsessed too!  I found myself watching Smackdown with my family last night screaming at the TV over Roman Reigns having to fight the League of Nations in a totally unfair match of one against four, and screaming when my “Eye Candy” came out the winner!  Last week I was almost in tears when Roman won the WWE Heavyweight Championship and was in tears when Sheamus stole it from him (ok, maybe not stole it, but to me Roman was robbed!)

I cannot believe I am actually looking forward to the Tables Ladders and Chairs fight on December 13 in the hopes that this beautiful man will win back what is ultimately his.


We’ve had the pleasure of meeting some awesome WWE Characters (out of character!) at blogging events, signings, and such, and I had the pleasure of interviewing as well, being part of the #WWEMoms, and all of these things combined with being dragged into WWE because I live in a house with five obsessed fans (yes, even my 13 year old daughter loves it!), I am now a fan.  Thank you, WWE!

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