Do you wax? Here’s a great new place for you!

See below for more about getting 50% off any service at your first visit.  And please be sure to tell them that Jennifer from Massapequa Family sent you so I can get a referral credit.  And YES!  You can get referral credit too!

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We welcome the first “Waxing the City” to Long Island!  Waxing the City brings the art of facial and body waxing to us, and I highly recommend that my Massapequa friends visit Waxing the City in North Babylon.  It is well worth the short trip.

Waxing the City uses both hard wax and soft wax.  For the face and more sensitive areas of the body, they use a hard wax that shrink wraps and hardens around the hair and lifts from the skin creating a less painful removal. They use a more traditional soft wax for larger body areas such as legs, arms, chest, and back and it is removed by using a cloth strip.

I enjoyed an eyebrow and lip wax.  The hard wax was not nearly as painful (whenever I get waxed it stings so badly!) nor did it leave me as red as when I have gotten waxed in the past.  And it was a very pleasant experience, thanks to Najda, the owner, the staff, and Kelly who took care of me.

Kelly is my new Cerologist (waxing specialist), who is a licensed esthetician.  Kelly is amazing!  She was friendly and sweet, I enjoyed conversing with her while she worked.  Kelly took her time (more than any other time anyone has ever taken in the 20 years I have been waxing) to show me what my eyebrows looked like currently, how to measure where my eyebrows should begin and end, speaking with me in depth as to what shape and how thick I want my eyebrows to be, and telling me about her training and specialty.  This is one talented esthetician!

We chatted about in-grown hairs and other blemishes that this forty year old face now has to deal with.  She recommended Sugar Sugar Polish, but was certainly not a persistent salesperson trying to make a sale.  It was very reasonably priced, at less than $20, so I took it home.  I’ve been using it on my face every other day, as Kelly suggested, and I love the way it makes my skin feel!

I know that I can go run into any nail salon and get my eyebrows and lip done for less money, but in the long run, spending just a little bit more money is worth every penny.  Having someone spend time with you, addressing all your concerns and helping you achieve what you want is well worth it.  I can run into a nail salon and get my eyebrows waxed, but my eyebrows have been crooked, different lengths, different thicknesses, and just not right.  Kelly is my girl and I will be going back!

You may have seen ads from other waxing companies that offer “free waxing” to new customers.  You may or may not have gone in for your free eyebrow or lip waxing.  But what if you wax your legs or your armpits or your bikini?  Those services are not free for new customers!  If you are ready to get waxed, put on your big girl panties (or take them off, whatever floats your boat in waxing!) and get ready to wax for 50% off at Waxing the City!  Tell Najda that I sent you!

1484 Deer Park Avenue
North Babylon, NY, 11703

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Disclaimer: This is a review, and all opinions expressed are my own and truthful.  No compensation was received.


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