Massapequa Christmas Houses 2015

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As you can tell from our excitement on our site, this Massapequa Family loves Christmas!  Earlier this month we shared with you about how much fun we had decorating our house.  As we do every year, we enjoy sharing with you some other amazing houses in our area.  The whole “Massapequa Family” makes it a point to get in the car and check out all of the houses we list in our Massapequa Christmas Houses Decorations directory!  Check out these beautiful houses! (They have been all verified and photos are all new for 2015!)

This house gets the Massapequa Family vote for the best house of 2015.  It really is one of the most spectacular Massapequa Christmas Houses of 2015.  There are so may awesome things on this lawn, I had to show you up close!  But you HAVE to visit yourself.  My pictures do no justice!  Be sure to park your car and walk around, there is so much to see!  And leave a donation in the St. Jude box, all proceeds get donated!  Enjoy a candy cane too!

186 north syracuse

Christmas lights are more than lights, they are now LIGHT SHOWS! Here are two local light show houses. Be sure to roll down your window or tune into the channel on your radio they share!

130 North Richmond Avenue, Light Show

30 William Road (tune to 99.3 on your radio when you visit!)  Santa will be visiting on 12/12 at 7pm

We also wanted to share some other houses we have come across in our travels.  Please note that while we have verified all Massapequa Houses, we are still in the process of visiting these houses below in the 2015 season.  It takes time to visit all these houses all over the Island, so bear with us!

Nassau County

3685 Franklin
3481 Hawthorne

3664 Roanoke
3814 Maple

2557 Acorn

3944 Hahn
3884 Hahn
3701 Courtney Lane

Davidson Drive

220 Sullivan Avenue
35 Harrison
6 Bonwitt Place

38 Parkside
115 Schoolhouse
59 Barrister

29 Amherst Lane

Suffolk County

44 Greenwood, North Babylon
175 Marcy Street, West Babylon

65 Elm
5 Forest

66 Granny Road
70 Berkshire Place

13 Weston Street

405 N. Broadway
240 S. 3rd Street
281 33 Street

109 Glensummer Road

65 Broadway

As a born and bred Bronx girl, the Christmas House of Pelham Parkway was something I passed regularly every year my whole life.  In high school, I’d pass the house every day on the way to school and would see the Garabedian family start to put up the decor in September.  Actually, when I was a kid, we had TWO houses that we would go see every year, the second one on Hollywood Avenue.

pelham pkwy



2 Responses to “Massapequa Christmas Houses 2015

  • Kimberly
    3 years ago

    We would love for you to come see our Christmas lights at 144 Koehl Street, Massapequa Park

    • MassapequaMom
      3 years ago

      Kimberly, thank you for the head’s up! I will certainly come by!