The Good Dinosaur – Take the kids this weekend!

Your kids have probably seen the ads on TV previewing “The Good Dinosaur”, the newest Disney-Pixar movie officially in theaters Thanksgiving Day.  If your kids are anything like mine, you might get asked all through Thanksgiving dinner to take them to see the movie.  You have a choice of taking the kids to see “The Good Dinosaur” this weekend or battling the crowds in the stores to go shopping.  My choice?  THE GOOD DINOSAUR is your ONLY choice!

THE GOOD DINOSAUR asks the question: What if the asteroid that forever changed life on Earth missed the planet completely and giant dinosaurs never became extinct? Pixar Animation Studios takes you on an epic journey into the world of dinosaurs where an Apatosaurus named Arlo makes an unlikely human friend. While traveling through a harsh and mysterious landscape, Arlo learns the power of confronting his fears and discovers what he is truly capable of.

the good dinosaur


“Luckily for young Arlo, his parents (Jeffrey Wright, Frances McDormand) and his two siblings, the mighty dinosaurs were not wiped out 65 million years ago. When a rainstorm washes poor Arlo (Raymond Ochoa) downriver, he ends up bruised, battered and miles away from home. Good fortune shines on the frightened dino when he meets Spot (Jack Bright), a Neanderthal boy who offers his help and friendship. Together, the unlikely duo embark on an epic adventure to reunite Arlo with his beloved family.”




I have to say, from the very first seconds of the film, I was impressed.  I always get lost in Disney-Pixar films, and this one drew me in right away with nature.  The scenery looks so real, like you can reach out and touch it.  I kept forgetting it was a ‘cartoon’!

the good dinosaur scenery

Just breathtaking!

So how strange would it be if dinosaurs were more domestic than humans?  Well, in The Good Dinosaur, there aren’t any humans, per se, but there are Neanderthals.  And “Spot” the Neanderthal ‘boy’, who is referred to as a ‘critter’, does not speak and pretty much lives his life similar to a scavenging dog.  But oddly enough, the dinosaur family cultivates their farm, waters the land, grows their corn, has a complete vocabulary, and is the family you love from the start!

We all loved The Good Dinosaur.  The kids were intrigued through the entire movie.  My husband, who often takes the opportunity to catch up on some snoozes during kids movies, not only watched the whole thing with me, but we joked about which of our kids took on the roles of the dinosaur “kids” in the movie!

I think my favorite scene in the whole movie is when Arlo (The Good Dinosaur) is trying to explain to Spot (the Neanderthal boy) how much he misses his family.  Since Spot does not have a vocabulary, Arlo finds sticks and situates them in the ground naming each one a member of his family.  He then uses his hand to draw a circle around the family.  Surprisingly, Spot does the same.  What a touching moment when both Arlo and Spot share with each other how much they miss their families.

the good dinosaur sticks

Our family had a bunch of laughs, and of course, just like in all of the other Disney-Pixar movies (yes, I still cry when Andy leaves for college in Toy Story 3), I had a bunch of tears.  I loved watching this movie with my family, because it reminded me again and again how there is absolutely nothing more important in this world than family, and how important it is to also have friends that you love as family.  I am truly blessed this Thanksgiving and EVERYDAY for my husband, my children, my family and friends.

the good dinosaur

So yes, instead of fighting with people in the stores on Thanksgiving night, Black Friday or the weekend to follow, take the family to see The Good Dinosaur.  You will certainly enjoy it.

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