‘Santa’s Little Helper’ out tomorrow, my interview with “The Miz”

I had the pleasure of interviewing WWE’s Mike “The Miz” Mizanin this morning.  He and Diva Paige are starring in the new film “Santa’s Little Helper”, arriving on DVD and Digital HD tomorrow, Tuesday, November 17th!

Last night, we made it a family movie night and previewed the film.  We all really enjoyed it! I will be posting more about the film in a few days along with a “Santa’s Little Helper” Giveaway!

Ho-ho-hold on tight for holiday hijinks in this hilarious family comedy. After losing his job, a slick-talking businessman Dax (“The Miz”) is given the chance of a lifetime—to be Santa’s second-in-command. But to earn the coveted position, he’ll have to wage an outrageous battle against a scheming elf Eleanor (“Diva Paige”) who wants the gig for herself!


JN: Santa’s Little Helper is adorable.  I watched it with my kids last night.  They loved it!  Very family oriented and very cute. Much different than WWE matches.  Are you very much into Christmas and the Christmas spirit?

MM: Absolutely!  Every Christmas I always get the family together as much as possible.  It’s a great time.  I travel a lot.  I’m on the road continuously with WWE.  It is hard to see my family and friends, and the holidays are a time to be with family.  Having that nice dinner with everyone and reminiscing and trying to catch up with everyone- that’s what I care about most.   Most people love giving and receiving presents, I don’t like that part. I like sitting down with the family and just enjoying everyone’s company.

JN: We saw you in the new movie and last year we saw you on Family Game Night and my kids really enjoyed that too.  I can assume this is the real “Mike”, you’re more of a family-type guy than “The Miz” is, right?

MM:  Yeah, The Miz on WWE is that Hollywood jerk that thinks he is bigger and better than everybody else.  He thinks he’s this huge movie star in his mind. Once you get out of that element and get to show more of who you really are, it’s real nice.  Family Game Night and even more with Santa’s Little Helper shows more of me as a good guy, a guy you can root for.  That’s very different than the WWE character I’ve played for the past ten years, where I have basically been the villain.  With every villain you need a hero, so I don’t mind playing either or.

JN: Santa says that inside Dax (Mike’s character on Santa’s Little Helper”) is a man of great character and nobody saw that at first.  Is there also a man of great character inside The Miz?

MM: I think so.  I think everyone has that great side of them, it’s just a matter of finding it.  Sometimes when you first meet someone you get a vibe that you don’t like that person and you get to know them and find ways that make you realize that maybe that person wasn’t exactly who you thought they were.  I don’t think that the WWE Universe gives The Miz his due.  I mean if you have 10,000 people chanting “You Suck”, you’re probably not going to show the best side of you.  It’s kind of hard for “The Miz” to show that nice guy when nobody really wants the chance to meet that person.

JN: Do you think that the more of the good character Mike Mizanin the WWE Universe sees, that maybe they might want to change The Miz to be more of a good guy?

MM: I don’t think so.  I think it is all about what the fans want.  And I think the fans like “The Miz” to be the bad guy.  But I’m all for if it did happen.

JN: Yes.  As a matter of fact, when my kids found out I was interviewing you and Paige today, I asked them to help me out with some questions.  I got “We want to know why Paige is a sell out and why she went against Charlotte and Becky Lynch” and I told them I was NOT going to ask Paige that question! (Paige was under the weather during this interview and was not able to participate.  We hope she feels better soon!)

MM: I think your kids have a very good point and a very good question to be completely honest with you.  And while I cannot answer strictly for Paige, if I was in Paige’s situation, I understand exactly what she is going through.  It is that situation where Paige and Charlotte and Becky all came up from that NXT group and all grew together, they were friends.  All of a sudden Charlotte is getting these opportunities, why isn’t Paige?  Paige has been there for what, two years now, I think a two time Divas champion. Why isn’t she getting the opportunity to be a Diva’s Champion anymore?  So I think that she is fed up with it and not getting the attention that she feels she deserves.

JN: That raises really great points and makes a lot of sense.  I will explain that to my kids.

MM: Sometimes you do things that other people don’t like but you want to do it.  I don’t know but it is one of those things.  And it all depends on what the fans think.  If the fans are cheering me, I’m gonna go with it.

JN: My favorite scene in “Santa’s Little Helper” was the obstacle course.  Did you and Paige do that on your own or with stunts?  Looks like so much fun!

MM: Yes, we did and we had a lot of fun.  We got to enjoy being more active and doing what we love to do.  Actually, there are more scenes that I think were cut from the final movie, there was more of  us playing around in the obstacle course, hitting each other and pulling each other, and we really had a great time.  It was a rainy day and we got to fight and play around more like our WWE characters, so we really enjoyed doing that scene.

JN: What do you think is next for “The Miz”?

MM: What’s next?  Hopefully the WWE Championship, (chuckles and pauses) and an Oscar!

JN: Well good for you! I am rooting for you! It is so nice to see a good side of you and I am glad that my kids got to see that new side of you as well.  Do you think you will be in New York for the Holiday Tour?

MM: Yeah, I’m glad I got to play the nice guy!  And yes, I will be in New York for the Holiday Tour.  Those shows are always a lot of fun.  The audience really enjoys those shows.  We try to give them the best shows we can.

JN: Like I said earlier, my family is obsessed with wrestling and WWE.  Every time you guys are in New York, we try to make it out, last year we saw the Holiday Tour, we’ve been to Raw and other events.  I will certainly be rooting for you and Paige, and I won’t chant “You suck”!  We wish you the best on the movie, I think it is adorable.

MM: Well, thank you very much.  Have a great time and give your kids my love.

Mike “The Miz” Mizanin is a really nice guy!  I enjoyed talking with him today, I look forward to seeing more of him on WWE and in other roles, and I (and so do my kids!) recommend seeing “Santa’s Little Helper”!

I got to interview The Miz as I am part of the Fox Home Entertainment insiders group and enjoy coverage with the FHE and WWE!


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