Win a phil&teds Dash Stroller!

Yours truly used to push around a triple stroller.  Holy Cow!  I could never go into the stores with that ‘train’, and I could hardly even walk the side streets!  After a few times attempting, it was much easier whenever possible to take the double and a single, because I really needed to get out and about without slowing down because of how big and bulky the stroller was!

You regularly pop over to the park, dash to playdates and march down the grocery store aisles, all with baby by your side.  What you REALLY Need is a phil&teds Dash Stroller.

Effortlessly maneuver through the world of parenting with phil&teds inline strollers, a product that is just as adaptable and clever as you are. Their inline strollers grow with your family, which means this is one product that will last years.

Here is your chance to  win a phil&teds Dash Stroller!

phil&teds designed this stroller to meet your needs as a parent seeking adventure. It holds one or two kids, lasts for four phases of life (baby, toddler, baby&toddler and toddler&toddler), and is lightweight with a compact fold. With an easy to push innovative design, you’ll be dashing around corners and popping over curbs in style from the infant to the big kid years.

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