When You Really Need A Good Night Sleep

As a Behavioral Coach, I often (more often than I would have thought) work with people who are not sleeping well. When someone tells me they are not getting enough sleep, I ask if they have a hard time falling asleep or a hard time staying asleep.  Many people suffer from one or the other, and some suffer from both.   So many people would feel much better, they just really need a good night sleep. The biggest reasons that we discover as to why my clients are not sleeping well are either due to being in pain (or getting stiff) or having too many things on their minds, making  a million and one thoughts preventing the sound sleep.

When an individual has too many thoughts circling his or her mind, we of course first try to relieve some of the stressors that might be causing discomfort.  Often financial stressors, health stressors, relationship stressors take a while to work through.  We introduce relaxation exercises to help clear our minds and relax just enough to drift off into a deeper sleep.

Pain, soreness and discomfort are things that need to be dealt with differently.  Obviously, whatever medical needs someone may have would need to be dealt with.  But what one sleeps on and with has a HUGE part of getting a good night’s sleep.  And although side sleeping is recommended by doctors to be the best position for your spine, if you do not have the right pillow, sleeping is not going to be a pleasant experience.

Pillows.  On a  recent trip to one of the local department stores, there was a sea of pillows to choose from.  At first thought, I was thrilled to have such a selection.  But then, when I started looking more closely, I could not believe that there was a whole big long wide aisle full of different pillows that I had to choose from.  How should I choose?  Here are some of the choices of pillows available as well as some of the different needs for specific pillows that you would need to look into before buying a new pillow

1). Memory Foam Pillows

2). Sleep Apnea Pillows

3). Orthopedic Pillows

4). Latex Pillows

5). Pillows for those suffering neck pain

6). Pillows for those who snore

7). Pillows for side sleepers

8). Pillows for back sleepers

9).  Pillows for those who read in bed

The Sleep Comfortably site is a good place to start to research.  When I was doing my research, I learned that latex pillows can provide both support and comfort.  “Using a latex side sleeper pillow will often relieve back and spine pain and offer the user a restful night of sleep, but there are multiple requirements you may need to fulfill in order to find the perfect pillow. From the firmness of the pillow to its ability to retain its shape as well as not hold in the user’s body temperature, buyers are required to research and consider their purchases carefully.”

See that?  You learn something new every day!

So although there are many different factors for not getting a good night sleep, there are things you can do to help get a better shot at achieving one.  One of the first things you should try is getting yourself a new pillow!  If that doesn’t work, shoot me an email and I’d be happy to share with you some relaxation exercises!  Good Night!


This is a sponsored post.  All opinions expressed are my own.



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