When I was six years old, no one had an email account.  I don’t even remember being able to read and write at that time, although my aunts always said that when I was two I knew my Dad’s work number and would call his office and ask his secretary if I could speak to Lou.  But times have certainly changed.  My seven year old wanted his own email account.  I wanted to be pro-active and keep him safe, but at the same time, I don’t want to say no to him wanting to email his Dad or grandparents when he is not with them.  I was on the hunt for safe email for kids.  Hearing about, I had to check it out.

KidsEmail is safe email.  It protects kids while giving them their freedom.


I set up my kids’ emails a few days ago.  Setting up the account was really easy.  I set it up as the parent and then assigned each of my kids their own email account, which I am in full control over (although they do not need to know that!).  I was able to put all their contacts in (my husband and my email, our parents and siblings and close friends who we trust), and was able to set it so that my kids can only email the people in their contacts.  I also had control over who can send them email.  I chose to limit their incoming mail at this point to only those in their contacts.  I was able to set the settings on whether or not to allow attachments and links in the incoming emails, but since I set it up that only their contacts could send them email, I decided not to limit those at this time.  As my children get older, I will certainly change around these settings.

The other good thing is that I can get a copy of all their incoming and outgoing emails to my personal account.  My older daughter has a public email that I set up for her a few years ago and I have it set that I get cc’d on all of her incoming mail.  And although I trust my daughter, I always wanted a copy of all of her outgoing mail as well, but was never able to do that.  With KidsEmail I can!

I was able to set up all three of my boys with their own email addresses, and only had to put the contacts in once (they all have the same family members so it was great not to have to import them in three times!).  If one of my boys wants to email a friend, if he comes to me and asks why he cannot, I can definitely consider adding the friend to his contacts so they can email each other.

The other thing I really liked is that after I set up the email accounts, I went to their iPods and set up the app so they could use email directly from their iPods.

I really like!  I think it will be a great tool for my kids to learn how to start connecting through email, and a safe way at that!



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