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Just this past weekend, we took our family to the local Polish restaurant.  I joked as my Facebook status after we left “Finally after having this long Polish last name for almost a decade, my husband finally took me to a Polish Restaurant!”

As a third generation Italian-American, I am pretty well versed with the traditions and customs that my family has been keeping for the last few generations.  Unfortunately though, with each passing year, it does get a little fuzzier and fuzzier, especially as the older family members pass on and the newer family members have different lifestyles than our predecessors had.  I was actually very happy that we finally went to a Polish restaurant, because my husband is half Polish and half Italian.  That makes our kids, Americans with 3/4 Italian desent and 1/4 Polish decent.  The problem is, I do not know anything about the Polish heritage to pass on to my kids!  My husband has made us pierogies and latkes, and my father-in-law has done some baking that his mom once made, but otherwise, my kids have no knowledge of their Polish heritage.

How cool is iBiographer?  Their recent press release sums it up very nicely.  It looks like a great place to go to keep that heritage alive!

Family historians have a new way to record and share their family histories that goes well beyond a simple genealogy site. iBiographer is a brand new, safe, secure resource that provides an opportunity to create a rich family history online and share it with far-flung family members. The online resource is a combination data repository, online journal, real-time networking, and content-sharing site.






With iBiographer you can build biographies, preserve life stories, discover memories, create histories, connect generations.


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