Get ready for the rush! But use your Groupon Coupons!

Yesterday I saw someone post on social media that they bought their first Christmas present.  My mother has been shopping for at least a month, and when I walked into her spare room on Sunday I could not believe how much shopping she has already done!  Me?  I’ve gotten some things for the kids already, but they are the easy ones.  It’s my parents and in-laws that always stump me!  And then they always yell at us for spending too much on them.  This year, I will not pay full price for Christmas gifts!  While I always look for the best sales and deals, now I have a new ace in the hole – GROUPON COUPONS!

groupon coupons

Before Groupon Coupons, I used to scour the internet before I headed out shopping, or before doing any online shopping.  I would waste too much time on different websites, looking for codes, printing out coupons at different sites, and not only was it a waste of time, many of these sites have expired coupons.

Unlike the Groupon model we all know and love (and have saved tons of money with!), there is no upfront purchase on Groupon.  You will just stop by Groupon Coupons before shopping and look for a coupon, ether on line or in store. You can find over 70,000 online and in-store coupons and promo codes for nearly 10,000 of your favorite brands and stores! Browse coupons by store, such as Target, Nordstrom and Macy’s, or search by category.

One of my favorite stores is Target.  I just never think to use coupons or codes!  Now with Groupon Coupons, I can search for Target coupons. I simply click on a coupon and a box will appear with my coupon code. Click the “Shop Online” button to visit that Target’s site and begin shopping. At checkout, paste the code into the available promo code field and complete your purchase. If no code is required, your savings will automatically appear during checkout.

But the one store I think I will use Groupon Coupons the most for is Amazon.  I shop on Amazon multiple times a week, often wondering when they will GIVE me a coupon to celebrate how many orders I make there.  Now, before I buy on Amazon I will have a coupon.

Find your coupons:

You can even take a look at the deals they’ve set up to prepare us all for Black Friday shopping!

Groupon recently introduced us to Rudy, their red-nosed cat, who will take us on a journey through the best deals and steals of the season, so be sure to follow his tips for surviving the holidays.rudy





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