Brady Park Massapequa Park Renovation

The Incorporated Village of Massapequa Park made this announcement today, I thought I’d share!

Beginning tomorrow, the Brady Park Playground will undergo a complete renovation which will include a new handicapped accessible playground, brand new surfacing and many new individual pieces. We anticipate that the playground will be closed for approximately three weeks.

This project is partially funded by a Community Development, HUD sponsored grant through a our membership in a consortium with Nassau County. We thank the County for its consideration of this wonderful project.


Just a week or so ago, the town held its Halloween Parade in Brady Park.  Looking forward to many more great events in the new and improved Brady Park!


My kids have been going to Brady Park ever since we moved here, they had so much fun when they were preschoolers playing there, it is within walking distance to our house and it is right off the preserve, so a nice hike is in order when we go!  We love to go by the water and watch the ducks.  I’m sure Brady Park will be even better (if that is even possible) than before and we can’t wait to visit when it reopens!

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