Toy Talk Tuesday: Toys for Exploring Creativity and More!

Whether or not we want to admit it, Christmas is only 9 Fridays away. Before you know it, the holidays will be here and the mad rush for gift shopping will be among us. We have been researching this year’s top toys, games, old favorites and more in preparation for the big rush. We are just adding the finishing touches on our Holiday Gift Guide, but our TOYS AND GAMES picks are live. Welcome to Toy Talk Tuesday, where we will be sharing our picks each week as well as giving some tips and tricks for toy shopping this holiday season!

exploring creativity

I have included twelve toys in this category and if I could have, I would have included a hundred more!  There are so many different toys out there that allows kids to explore their creativity!  Just learning to play?  Your baby will love to see familiar faces with the Photo Stacking Blocks from Constructive Playthings.  And another familiar face your child will love to play with is Hold My Hands Singing Minnie Mouse!  If your little one is interested in playing Mommy, there is the 3-in-1 Care and Learn Stroller from VTech and the Bake n Grow Kitchen from Little Tikes.  If he loves to climb and slide, the Castle by Vtech is going to be a favorite.

If your child enjoys drawing, making, crafting and creating, there are tons of options.  We love the DohVinci line of products from Hasbro.  It brings the love of PlayDoh and the love of drawing and crafting together! The newest thing is 3D printing and creating, and what better way to introduce your child to 3D than with the 3D Creation Maker!  But drawing and crafting doesn’t stop there!  Crayola has the Color Alive Easy Animation Station, which introduces kids to making their own animations!  How cool is that?  And if 3D and animation is a little far off at this point, going back to basics with two of our favorites, Crayola and Lionel, your child will adore the Imagineering Play Set!  Some kids are into sewing and knitting.  Awesome!  Introduce the Knit and Wear kit from Alex Toys!

For the more outdoorsy kid, we recommend the Kidizoom Action Cam, so he or she can capture his adventures! And when he is ready to come inside, he can settle down with the Laser Pegs set and enjoy building for hours!

Like I said, I could go on for hours sharing toys for the creative kids in your house.  It is hard to narrow down just a few, but I think we have a great representation of what is cool this holiday season!  Join us again next Tuesday with another “Toy Talk Tuesday” post, but until then, if you have a recommendation for our Holiday Gift Guide, please shoot us an email!


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