MUSE PAINTBAR: A fun night, great time!


Muse Paintbar, Garden City Other locations in White Plains, NY and Norwalk, CT, with more to come in the NYC Metro Area!

Last night, I had the great pleasure of a Mother/Daughter Night Out with my 13 year old Juliana.  We were guests at Muse Paintbar in Great Neck for their “Warm Reflections” Paint Night.  We had our choice of which night to go on their calendar which listed which scene we would be painting.  I thought the Warm Reflections painting was beautiful and it worked with our schedule so off we went!

warm reflections

“Warm Reflections”: The painting we were set to paint!

Muse Paintbar events are great for Girls Night Out, family outings (they have a complete selection of kid appropriate paintings), or a nice Mother/Daughter night like we had. Juliana and I both really enjoyed ourselves and my daughter now wants to have her friends do paintnite for her birthday in a few months!

Jeremy was our instructor. From Alabama, with his cowboy hat and southern drawl, he was the PERFECT instructor. Not only was he a lot of fun, he came around and helped us, giving individual advice and making us feel like each of our canvases were awesome works of art. The barstaff of ladies were very helpful as well, and incredibly friendly. At one point, I accidentally dipped my bracelet into my black paint and one of the girls came right over and helped me so that they would not be ruined and so that I could resume my painting right away.

Juliana and I had a blast.  We were both very surprised at how good our paintings looked!  My artistic abilities are getting better as I get older, but I really was shocked that I was able to paint Warm Reflections!  And my 13 year old really loved the night and I was impressed with her final product!

I highly recommend you visit Muse Paintbar in Garden City. If you are outside Long Island, you can also visit the White Plains location. There are more paintbar locations opening up soon. This is a great time and we had a wonderful evening! Thank you Jeremy and Muse Paintbar!



Muse Paintbar is offering a Groupon for some great savings for one, two or four painters!


Disclaimer: We were guests at Muse Paintbar in order to review the location and experience.  All opinions are my own, and are true.  No compensation was received.  We think you are going to love MUSE!


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