@Matific Giveaway to help your child with MATH

Now that we are full swing into the school year, many of us have settled into our school routines.  Sometimes I wonder if my kids will be stuck in summer mode until Christmas vacation, and they would much rather play video games and wrestlers than sit to do homework.  When I get them to sit, they do well, but the big challenge is getting them to wind down after a full day of school!

One thing I have been able to entice them with is Matific, because it “feels” like video games to them!  My three boys have each enjoyed Matific and each like a different “game”.  I like it because they are all reinforcing what they have learned in school and what homework they just did.

Matific offers award-winning online math activities to reinforce the math lessons that K-6 students are taught in the classroom.  Children play fun mini-games, called episodes, to practice mathematical concepts such as addition, geometry and fractions. The interactive episodes engage children as they solve math challenges. Parents can find math concepts for their children to practice either by grade level, textbook or Common Core and other state standards. Matific also includes worksheets that parents can print for children to work on math concepts offline.

Matific is available on iPad or Android devices, or it can be used on a PC or Mac computer. It is sold in a 3 month, 6 month or annual subscriptions for $18, $30, or $36 respectively.

Massapequa Family is giving away a free one-year subscription to one of our winners!


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