Bahama Breeze: A must visit!

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We took a ride out to Lake Grove on Saturday evening with the family and headed to Bahama Breeze for dinner. We were invited to enjoy the VIP experience.  Right away I noticed the deck outside the restaurant which had tables and was nicely lit up, but of course being the end of October, it was a bit nippy to eat out there.

I knew I was going to enjoy Bahama Breeze as soon as I stepped inside. It smelled like The Islands, and anytime I recall being on The Islands I automatically feel relaxed and comfortable. My husband had been to a Bahama Breeze in Las Vegas a few years back, but I had never been to one, so I didn’t know what to expect.

Bahama Breeze is celebrating Rumtoberfest through November 8. Although my drinks of choice these days are tequila based (I love my Margaritas!) or a cold glass of Moscato, I have been a long time Caribbean rum fan. Paul and I were excited to try the rum cocktail flights, and as soon as we saw the presentation of the three flights, we could not wait to taste all the drinks!


My favorite of the drinks was the Painkiller and it any other drinks were hard to follow the Painkiller because it was just so good!  It was made with dark rum, cream of coconut, pineapple and orange juice and some ground nutmeg on top.  Yum.

Appetizers were just as awesome.  The Island Hopper was amazing.  A combination of Island favorites: Jamaican chicken wings, crispy coconut shrimp, onion rings and conch fritters saw something for everyone. Served with citrus-mustard, jerk barbecue sauce and roasted pineapple chutney, we were all very happy.  My six year old was dipping everything he could in the “honey mustard” (he refused to believe that it was citrus-mustard instead of honey mustard, but could not understand why “It tasted different”!) and completely loved it.  The pineapple chutney was very different, my personal favorite of the sauces/dips.

The Key West Nachos were just as good.  The crisp tortilla and plantain chips covered with lightly spiced ground beef, melted cheese, pickled jalapeños, guacamole, sour cream and salsa was a huge hit with all of us.  I loved the plantain chips in there, and the beef had a great flavor.

Although I was already stuffed, the kids wanted to know why they could not order dinner.  And so they did.  Two of my boys got sliders and the third got macaroni and cheese.  Surprisingly, there was no food left on their plates when they were done.  And I was thrilled they ate their fruits (grapes and pineapples).

My husband and daughter decided to split a full order of Jamaican chicken wings as they both enjoyed them that much in the sampler.  My daughter found her new favorite chicken!  I was pretty stuffed, so I was thrilled to see that on the Bahama Breeze menu, they offer small plates!  I enjoyed the Mojo-Marinated Pulled Pork, which was slow-roasted, served over sweet plantains with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce.  I was in heaven.

When our waiter came to ask us about dessert, everyone was ready for yet another course.  I could not fathom eating any more, so I agreed to share with my husband.  Enjoying the VIP experience, the kids were over the moon when Kimberly, the manager on duty, brought over monkey heads.  They were able to eat their ice cream in cups right out of the heads and were able to take them home to use as banks.

Paul and I shared the banana nut bread, and this was the most delicious, satisfying banana nut bread I have ever tasted: sliced bananas, vanilla ice cream on warm banana nut bread with hot butterscotch brandy sauce. WOW!

After dessert, our evening was still not over.  The waiter told us to check out the outside deck (which I had known had something going on out there when we first arrived) so the kids could enjoy pumpkin painting and other games, FREE OF CHARGE!  I was super impressed that Bahama Breeze uses its outside deck off season for entertainment, seasonal fun and more!  The kids loved  Cornhole, painting pumpkins, playing each other in a giant Jenga game and doing fun photos.

Since our dinner Saturday evening, the kids have asked every day if we could do back.  We have made it a point to tell everyone we encounter on Long Island to get to Bahama Breeze.  We highly recommend a visit, and we are looking forward to their Margarita celebration and others to come in the next few months!


612 Smith Haven Mall
Lake Grove, NY 11755

Disclaimer: We received the VIP treatment in return for this review, and all opinions are mine and those of my family. We had a great time and will go back again, and we recommend you do as well!


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