Massapequa School District Adds 43 New Teachers

Massapequa School District hired 43 new teachers, many of whom are leave replacements, and reinstated five more in preparation for the new school year.  The official announcement was made on September 10.

On the elementary level, the district welcomes reading teacher Carmen Keaney and physical education teacher Erin Kollar to Birch Lane Elementary School. Psychologists Laura Hess and Amy Villane, and leave replacement special education teacher Danielle Aguis join the staff at East Lake Elementary School. Librarian Deborah Gray serves students at both East Lake and Unqua elementary schools.

English as a Second Language teacher Mary Cullen, school psychologist Jaclyn Quercia and leave replacement reading teacher Amy Livermore start the year at Fairfield Elementary School. Special Education teacher Christina Piotrowski serves students at Fairfield and McKenna elementary schools.

Special education teacher Kevin Catalano, leave replacement elementary teacher Barbara Ryan and leave replacement reading teacher Christine Echausse join the staff at Lockhart Elementary School.

Music teacher Brittany Bissonnette and leave replacement special education teacher Kelly Korrow start the year at McKenna Elementary School, and psychologist Melissa Tillman, Ph.D. and leave replacement speech teacher Michelle Whiteman begin at Unqua Elementary School. Art teacher Nicole Hassell teaches at Unqua and Birch Lane elementary schools.

On the secondary level, new Berner Middle School teachers include leave replacement English teachers Marissa Giamarino and Kristina Seeley, math teachers Patrick Andersen and Kathryn Zaffuto, leave replacement math teachers Carol Scheuerer, Neil Sklar, and Stephanie Peace; foreign language teacher Luisa Marino, leave replacement social studies teacher Patricia McMahon, special education teacher Morgan Cestari and Nina Kligman, guidance counselor Laura Vitiello, leave replacement speech teacher Kristen Zimmermann, music teacher Christina Guando and leave replacement music teacher Rachel Devore. Ms. Guando also teaches at Massapequa High School. Speech teacher Anna Sangirardi serves both Berner and Ames Campus students.

Joining the staff at Massapequa High School-Ames Campus is special education teacher Nicole Reverberi. Librarian Evangeline King serves students at Ames, East Lake and Birch Lane schools.

New to the staff at Massapequa High School are leave replacement English teacher Michael Augello, Chinese/ESL teacher Tiffany Yun Tzu Fan, special education teacher Kimberly Simpson, math teacher Jessica Yandoli, and Family and Consumer Science teacher Amanda Talisman, who also teaches at Berner Middle School. Guidance counselor Courtney Waller serves as a leave replacement and special education teacher Kenneth Petersen serves as a substitute.

The district also welcomes back elementary teacher Michelle Locher to McKenna Elementary School, art teacher Marissa Sondo and elementary teacher Clare Weber to Unqua Elementary School; health teacher Ronald Forman to Ames, Berner and Birch Lane, and business education teacher Edward Aromando to Massapequa High School.

“We are delighted to start the 2015-16 school year with these talented professionals and we wish them much success in the year ahead,” said Superintendent Lucille F. Iconis.

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