Mamma Mia, Say it aint so!

Ten years ago a broken girl with one dad and three lovers (okay I did not have three lovers but I had three guy interests- hey when I got divorced I had never before really dated as I was so young when I started seeing my ex-husband) went on a date with one of those guys to a show called Mamma Mia, about a girl with three dads and one lover. I may have been torn at the beginning of the show, but by the end I knew what I wanted. Ten years later, marriage, a bunch of kids, and the best life I could ask for, Paul and I are returned again for our third time, watching its second to last performance. I love Mamma Mia almost as much as I love my husband Paul!

THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC. You hold the soundtrack of my life. Paul and I were able to figure out What’s the Name of the Game as we have worked through trials and tribulations and know there will always be more to come. We even got married to the tune I Do I Do.We have our own Dancing Queen, my daughter Juliana, who has done a solo at most of our parties from when she was only three years old. I am beginning to feel like she is Slipping Through My Fingers as she is growing so fast. And then of course, most days I am feeling like I am Under Attack with my three boys, and some days I just need to yell SOS as they drive me insane!  

As I sat watching the show for the third time, plus I have seen the movie at least twenty times, I knew every word of the show. I still cried through it as I cannot believe it is closing down here in NYC.  Good thing is I believe they are still playing in Las Vegas, so it gives us another reason to head west (Las Vegas also has great memories for Paul and I).  But for now, all I can say again is THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC.  I will always have a special place for Mamma Mia.

mamma mia


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