Watch your Sodium for World Heart Day #keepitpumping

We are taking part in World Heart Day on September 29 in the world’s biggest intervention against cardiovascular disease (CVD). Our family are firm believers in creating healthy heart environments ever since our family was hit directly with my husband’s heart attack.

The biggest issue we have found in creating heart healthy environments is eating low sodium foods.
All too often, when something says vegan, gluten free, low carb, soy free, antibiotoc free, raw, non GMO, organic, or fat free, although this may be true, it may also be loaded or overloaded with SODIUM!  A healthy grocery item has less than 140 mg of sodium.  The recommended daily limit of sodium is 2200 per day. Therefore, when you see a soy sauce in the grocery store that says “lower sodium”, you might think it is good for you.  But guess what?  “Lower sodium” still has 600 mg of sodium or more!  So how healthy is that when the recommended sodium intake a day is only 2200?  If you have a teaspoon of that soy sauce, you are down to 1600 mg of sodium a day and that does not even include the sodium in the meat or vegetable (yes, some vegetables have sodium in them!), nor does it account for the other meals and snacks you are eating through the day!

We have gone to chain restaurants such as TGIFridays or Friendly’s and have looked up the sodium counts in some of their meals and were amazed with the levels of sodium in these every day meals!

When we try to make heart healthy choices, we often work on eating less fats, more fruits and vegetables, quitting smoking, increasing exercise, lessen stress levels.  If you take anything from this post today, please recognize the importance of limiting your sodium in your diet.  Get rid of your salt shakers and start READING LABELS and asking your restaurant servers for details on how much salt is in a meal!

Check back on September 29th for more info on World Heart Day. Good luck and #keepitpumping!


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