Got Stick?** #hockey

My boys became hockey fans this past season with the Rangers in the playoffs.  They have been obsessed with the sport since then and as we are Long Islanders (although we won’t talk about how we just recently lost the Islanders here on the Island), the sport is much bigger out here than it was in the city.

We just started our season with their very first hockey practice yesterday.  The three boys are all playing Dechockey with Nassau/Suffolk Dechockey in Farmingdale.  They really loved it and we are so excited about the upcoming hockey season!

My son Louis has been working on being a goalie, and so far, he has proven he is great for the job!  He enjoys being goalie, and he is practicing daily!  Anthony and Joseph are defense, and they are awesome at it!  They aren’t allowed to check,but boy if they did, the other team would be in trouble!  The only negative about being defense is that they really don’t get much chance to score, but that’s ok.  My boys are really enjoying the sport and are really growing with it!









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