Create a heart healthy environment World Heart Day #keepitpumping

Cardiovascular health is something very important to our family.  My husband, “Massapequa Dad”, suffered a heart attack just over 14 months ago.

World Heart Day takes place on September 29th every year and is a chance for people across the globe to take part in the world’s biggest intervention against cardiovascular disease (CVD).  This year, the World Heart Day focus is on creating healthy heart environments.   Our family learned just how important creating healthy heart choices are.  We strive daily to ensure not only that my husband makes heart healthy choices, but so do I, and so do our young children!  See below the infographic for how this Massapequa Family is working on this fight to increase awareness on making heart healthy choices!



In addition to sharing the info about World Heart Day, the infographic above and the video below, we make it a point to stress how important it is to limit your sodium intake in your diet.  Did you know that even though a grocery item or restaurant dish says it is “Heart Healthy”, or even claims to be healthy, it often has loads and loads of sodium?  BEWARE and READ LABELS!  Check here for more on our findings of sodium.



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