Our last hurrah of the summer! #TravelForReal @Loews_Hotels #FamilyForward

Thursday morning, bright and early, our family will be boarding a plane to head down to sunny Orlando Florida for a #travelforreal Family Forward adventure to Universal Studios!  We are staying at Loews Royal Pacific Resort for a blogger/family action packed weekend! I don’t know who is more excited, the adults or the kids!  My children have never been to Universal, but my husband and I have, and we are so looking forward to the rides and the attractions and the behind the scenes at the movies and so much more!

We have been asked so many times lately how we travel so much as a family.  With our upcoming trip of a lifetime this week, this will mark 5 family vacations in the last 14 months.  While I cannot exactly tell you HOW we do this, as traveling with a family of six is very financially draining and it is not always easy to travel with four kids no matter WHERE you go, I can tell you WHY.  In a nutshell, TRAVEL IS FOR REAL.

Many of my readers may know that just about 14 months ago, my husband and I experienced the shock of our lives.  My husband suffered a massive heart attack, and we were caught by complete surprise.  As a matter of fact, mere hours before the ambulance ride that changed us forever, my husband and I were with the kids in NYC for a blogger event.  Fourteen months later, 4 hospitalizations, 5 stents, a pacemaker/defibrillator, tons of scares, countless sleepless nights, a pretty severe concussion my 13 year old got playing softball (and 4 months of rehabilitation to get my kid back to herself!) and thousands of tears and fears, our family is still, thankfully, intact.  My husband is still here, on the mend, my daughter is almost back to 100%, my children and I are forever grateful, and we have realized how life can change in the blink of an eye.

Is travel in our budget?  Yes and no.  We have a timeshare that we use regularly, however, of our last 5 trips, we only used it once.  So, no, I guess travel is really not in our budget.  However, after living one of our greatest fears, we realized that NOTHING is more important than family time.  We realized that our children will be grown in the blink of an eye, with or without us, and we’d rather have tons and tons of happy memories with them than have a savings account with nothing to account for as they were growing up.

In a house with four children, including a teenage girl and 3 rough and tough boys (7 year old twins and a soon to be 6 year old wannabe triplet), we often find our heads spinning in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  School starts this week, and that means homework, tests, fall sports and activities, and even LESS time to take a break.  While we make sure to have dinner nightly as a family, hold family meetings, spend plenty of time together through the year, there is still so many distractions of every day life!  When we travel as a family, focus is JUST on our family and having fun, which leads to meaningful chats, laughter, fun and family love!  Travel IS for real, especially in OUR family!

We make the most of EVERY moment these days, we do not take advantage of our blessings, and we look forward to our next vacation of a lifetime!  Stay tuned for details of our trip to Universal Orlando as you will certainly get all the details in the next week or so!





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