WWE and the Dream Foundation

Our readers know how much my kids LOVE the WWE, and there is nothing like a heart warming story to share.

On Sunday night, in Roanoke, VA, WWE and the Dream Foundation teamed up so that a WWE fan battling lung cancer could have his dream fulfilled.  He was able to attend the show and meet with some of his favorite WWE Superstars and Divas.  An excerpt from the story is below and the full story is available here.

For one night, cancer was not on their mind, as WWE Superstars came in, one by one, to greet the Fulchers, and brighten their spirits. Kisses from WWE Diva Cameron, and a bear hug from Ryback made their situation the last thing on their minds. Just before showtime, the Fulcher’s favorite wrestler, Roman Reigns, stopped by to meet his biggest fan.

For the WWE Superstar, it’s a moment that is uplifting to him as well, saying “When you can take a little bit of extra time to connect personally with somebody, and make a friend. That’s what’s awesome, the friendships, the relationships. That’s what you take with you.”

Because I am a mom who has kids that always want to emulate the WWE, it is refreshing and wonderful to see such a nice side of such a great wrestler!


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