Congratulations #Champions Patriots! Great commercial #LikeAGirl @wwe

Congratulations to the New England Patriots, the 2015 Superbowl Champions.  While I was busy preparing food and desserts and cleaning up, I got a few glimpses of the game (WHAT AN ENDING!) and some of the commercials.  The one commercial that I am really happy I saw was the Always’ Like A Girl campaign.  While I have four children, I only have one daughter, and the commercial very much reminded me of her.  My daughter can throw #likeagirl and catch #likeagirl.  She can hit a ball #likeagirl ever since she was a little girl, hitting the only homerun in girls tee ball in our old neighborhood Little League.

As my children are not only big football fans, but also big wrestling fans, I wanted to share what’s it mean to @WWENXT Divas to do something #LikeAGirl.  Take a look at the following video  #Champions #SuperBowl @WWE

And in case you did not get to see the Always commercial, here it is:


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