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Tomorrow is Tuesday, May 20, which is the day for the Budget Vote and School Board Election here in Massapequa.

I am a Mom Blogger, not a political blogger, so I do not believe in sharing my views or thoughts on politics or elections.  Because I am also still very new here in the district, I know that I needed to go and actively research these elections, what was being proposed, who was running, what to vote for.  I am sure I am not the only one who needs a “Massapequa School Board Elections 2014 For Dummies” course, so I wanted to share some articles and resources I have found for anyone who might need it.  For the sake of being neutral and fair, I am sharing articles from a variety of different sources.

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Voting is tomorrow, Tuesday, May 20, 2014, from 6am-9pm.

Registered voters report to your voting polls at: Lockhart, McKenna, Fairfield, and Massapequa High Schools

Visit the Massapequa Board of Education web page with information:


Newsday’s 2014-2015 Budget and Candidate Guide can be found here.   In a nutshell, see the following chart.  There is more information and details on the budget and candidates on the website.

Proposed 2014-15 Budget Change from 2013-14 Proposed tax levy 2014-15 Tax change from 2013-14 Contested seats At large/By seat Term Candidates
$189,746,159 2.12% $155,703,530 1.98% 2 at-large 3 years Gary T. Bennett (incumbent)Jane Ryan (incumbent)Gary Baldinger

Amy Italiano


Michael Scro of the Massapequa Post wrote “Four running for two seats in Massapequa“.
If you are an online subscriber of the Massapequa Post, you can see the full article here.


Heather Doyle of Massapequa Patch shared the “Voter’s Guide: Massapequa School Budget, Board Elections: What you need to know for Tuesday’s budget vote and school board elections“. You can read it here.


If you are on Facebook, here are some links for you:

Visit Gary Baldinger’s Page
Visit Gary Bennett for MSD Board of Education
Visit Amy Italiano for Board of Education Trustee
Visit Jane Ryan for Massapequa School Board Trustee


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