The rUNDEAD for Special Olympics – tomorrow at Brady Park!

Dear friends of ours are participating in the rUNDEAD for Special Olympics tomorrow at Brady Park right here in Massapequa. They are not running; they are the obstacles for the run – a zombie family!  Read more about what Kathleen and Shawn (and family) are doing for rUNDEAD here:

The rUNDEAD is a 5k trail run to support Special Olympics New York. What are the obstacles on this run… zombies!!

You can still participate tomorrow by showing up and registering with your $40 registration fee.

Each runner will start off with a flag belt and three flags. These flags represent your lifelines. Zombies throughout the course will be attempting to take these one at a time. If you finish the race with at least one flag, you’ve survived, BUT if zombies have taken all your flags you can complete the race, but will not be eligible for awards.

Individuals can participate as either runners or zombies:

For runners: there will be two flights for runners. A competitive flight, “Fast Food” and a non-competitive flight, “All You Can Eat.” Each runner will receive access to the course, race day festivities and an official rUNDEAD race day t-shirt. Runners can sign up as individuals or as teams.
Zombies: Running races not your thing? Be a zombie! Each zombie will be transformed in our “mob Tent” the day of the event from 7:30am-9am. Bring your own attire and let us make you into the undead. Each zombie receives their official transformation, a rUNDEAD race t-shirt, participation in race day festivities and the thrill of the chase. ALL AGES WELCOME!

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