It takes a village to raise a tribe…

What’s that saying?  Oh yes.  They say “It takes a village to raise a child”.  Well what does it take to raise four children?  I have not quite figured that out yet.  But I do know that it takes A LOT!

I have a tribe of four children.  My oldest is eleven, my only daughter.  My twins are five and the little guy is four.  For the better part of the past four or five years, my life has been pretty crazy (but totally wonderful).  And we are totally blessed to always have our village to help us.

Paul, my husband and life partner, is an amazing dad and co-parent.  We always try to remain on the same page with raising the children, and we work exceptionally well together as a family.  Our parents are the best people in the world and are always there to lend a hand when we need them.  We have great siblings and extended family on both sides that are very good to us all.  We have a variety of couples that we consider our best friends and they are more like family to us.

Our family and friends are our village.  They have been our village for as long as we can remember.  Although we will always have our village, the demographics have changed quite a bit in the last few months and it has taken quite a bit of adjusting.

We moved 34 miles away from my family last December.  My mom, who used to drop by every day at work to help me with the kids while I got dinner ready, is now 40 minutes away.  My siblings are just as far away now.  I had two aunts that I was always very close with, aunts that were more like second mothers than anything.  They both passed away suddenly this year, one in July, the other in September.  We had planned for my aunts to come and spend weeks with me to keep me company, to help out with the house and the kids.  That will now never happen.  Aunt Joanne and Aunt Jeanette were an integral part of my village, and although I know I will always have them in spirit, not having them here has been very painful.  We still have our dear friends, and they will always be part of our lives, but with everyone spread apart, it is not possible to pick up in the middle of the week to grab a cup of coffee and shoot the breeze.  Well, at least it is not possible to do it regularly!

We’re meeting some very nice families here in Massapequa, and my children are making some awesome friends.  The only members of my village who are in our town are my mother and father-in-law, and I’m incredibly grateful for them and all they do to help us.  But the rest of my village is scattered or gone, and I have been really feeling it lately.

Who makes up your village?


2 Responses to “It takes a village to raise a tribe…

  • It does take a village and its funny you write this my bff because that is my motto and no we never discussed it.. my friend from here and I whenever we need childcare help say it takes a village. I too recently lost an important piece of my tribe. I have childcare woes where I never had them and I need to now ask friends for help. believe it or not it has brought us closer but they will never be my BFF or like aunts to my son.. remember there is always the phone, text and weekends to the nevadomski chalet

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