6 Steps To Bring The Magic Of Broadway To Your Own Living Room

The Magic of Broadway is definitely alive in our family.  Paul and I love to see different Broadway shows, and we have made it a point to see at least two (sometimes many more) shows a year in our eight year relationship.  And just because we have moved from the city to the suburbs does not change that.  We are both New Yorkers through and through (him a Queens Boy and me a Bronx Girl) and although we are now on Long Island, we still love the bright lights of the big city and visiting regularly.

One of our first dates was a Broadway show, and the magic of that night has stayed with us ever since.  We love to introduce Broadway shows to our children, and they have certainly enjoyed many along the way.

To celebrate the release of Shrek The Musical On Blu-ray and DVD, which is available now, we have partnered with Thinkjam to share the following suggestions to bring the magic of Broadway to your home.

6 Steps To Bring The Magic Of Broadway To Your Own Living Room

With the Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD release of Shrek The Musical releasing this week, fairy-tale fans and musical theatergoers alike can now experience the Grammy-nominated stage production in the comfort of one’s own home! Featuring a fantastic score of 17 brand new songs, Shrek The Musical was filmed on stage to capture the magic of a Broadway performance and features an all-star cast.

Step One – Sight

No digital interpretation of the stage would be complete without a state-of-the-art projector that can produce an image of up to 150 inches. If a projector is too costly, a 40 inch television or larger will suffice to give the home audience the optimum visual experience.

Step Two – Sound

No ultimate living room entertainment set-up would be complete without a crisp surround sound system. With the ear being stimulated from 4 angles, the illusion of being immersed in a theatre can be achieved.

Step Three – Tickets Please

Why not design your own tickets to your show? Guests will have to show their tickets before entering the living room for example. German Shepherds dressed in tuxedos make excellent ushers too.

Step Four – Wow it’s Green in Here

With a simple purchase of green crepe paper attached to a range of living room light sources, a green filtered glow will engulf the room to create a wonderfully Shrek-like ambience.

Step Five – ‘Curtain Call Ladies and Gentlemen!’

The anticipation of waiting for the famous theatrical curtains to trickle away is no doubt one of the fundamental experiences of going to the theatre. With a curtain rail, fabric and some sticky tape, your living room will mirror the Gershwin’s famous curtain call in no time.

Step Five: Intermission:

Why not engage in a 15-minute interval? Prepare a refreshing beverage for the adults and load up on the ice cream for the kids. Don’t forget those little wooden spoons for the utmost authenticity.

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