The Bachelorette Party

I’m super excited that my baby sister is getting married in 10 days!  Marrying her long-term sweetheart (Uncle Sal), the kids, Paul and I are very happy for her (Aunt PatPat).  The wedding is almost here, and we’ve been doing lots of celebrating in the past few weeks.

Patti’s bridal shower was at the end of June.  She was definitely showered with tons of gifts and lots of luck and best wishes.  We had a great time.  And last weekend, I enjoyed heading to Atlantic City with the rest of the bridal party along with the mother of the bride (my mom) and the mother of the groom for the bachelorette party!


The “Bride To Be” in her bridal sash, provided by The House of Bachelorette.

bridal party

My sister is not the type of girl that likes much fanfare, however, we made sure that for her last night out as a single lady, she was going to be the belle of the ball.  My mom had shirts made up for all of us, and I was all too proud to wear my “Matron of Honor” tank in AC.  My cousin got her a tiara and some other “fun” goodies.  And I gave her the “Bride to Be Sash”.  She enjoyed being the “Bride” and loved people congratulating her and giving her the attention all weekend.

We spent the weekend eating, drinking and laughing. I got to gamble a little (very little, and I didn’t win!), we had an amazing Carmine’s dinner, hit the Harrah’s Pool Party (where I REALLY felt my age!) and enjoyed the weekend with the girls.

Cannot wait for the wedding!


Disclaimer: Massapequa Family was provided review from The House of Bachelorette.  No compensation was received.  All opinions expressed are those of the blogger.


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