Who takes care of Mom?

Some moms work outside the home, some moms work inside the home, some moms are stay at home moms.  Some moms are single moms, some moms have spouses that work crazy hours, some moms have help, some moms do not.  One thing that is common among all of us: we take care of everyone.  We kiss boo-boos, we clean up messes, we find lost toys, we check homework, we take the stains out of their favorite shirt, we cook all their favorite meals (and their least faves too!)  We keep the dads happy, we keep our own parents happy.  We answer to our bosses, we answer to our kids’ needs.  We make sure everyone is always taken care of, often putting our own needs last.

Blogging, while my passion, is my third (or fourth?) job.  My first job is wife/mommy.  The single most important job in the world.  My second job, the one I worked for years in school for, is Therapist.  And the most important thing I have learned as a therapist is that all women, particularly moms, need to give ourselves time every now and then for ourselves.  It is so important to have other mom friends who understand the trials and tribulations, other mom friends to listen when you need to vent, to celebrate with you when there’s awesome news, and to join you for a night away from everything else to have a good time.

The Long Island Networking Moms is putting together the perfect night for us women to get out and have fun.  A group of moms in business from both Nassau and Suffolk County came together almost a year ago to network, form bonds, grow their businesses, and have other mom friends to share motherhood with.  On Thursday, August 1, we invite you to “Glam Me Girls Night Out” at Mulcahy’s in Wantagh.  Quite a few Massapequa mothers in business are showcasing for this fun night.  Not only will there be shopping, the women who join us will be pampered, ‘glammed’ up, enjoy some appetizers, take home some awesome freebies, win some prizes.  Get a chair massage, get a spray tan, get a hand massage, get a blow out, sample some goodies, try out some creams and fragrances, learn pole dancing, take a Zumba class, learn some sexy tips, see some end of summer/fall fashions and so much more… all included with your $25 ticket!

If you’re a mom, we know you can use a night out.  We hope you will come support so many local moms in business…  Please click here for more information on what’s going on that night and to purchase your ticket!




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