The BEST Mother’s Day EVER!

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!  After a day like today, I have to admit ALL of the hard work I do on a daily basis, breaking up fights, cleaning up messes, working non-stop doing some chore or cooking or any of the other 500 things I do as a mother each day is worth EVERY second! I had the most amazing Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day began a few days before, as Joseph invited me to the Nursery Class’ Mother’s Day Tea.  The teacher had the moms line up outside of the classroom as each child ushered his or her mom into the room and sat her down to a beautifully set table.  Joseph came to meet me wearing his self decorated tie, and sat me down at my seat.  At my place setting was a decorated MOM placemat, a decorated and designed bookmark made by my son, and such pretty paper plates, napkins and cups.  A centerpiece of flowers added to the perfect decor.

The children then all stood up at the front of the class to sign us two songs.  The first song made me cry, as it was a fun song we all know and love sung just for moms: they spelled M-O-M-M-Y to the tune of B-I-N-G-O.  As I watched Joe-Joe sing “There’s someone special that I love and Mommy is her name-o”, I melted.  The kids then sang the Skinnamarinky Dink song and it was so special!

Joseph and I enjoyed mini creamcheese and jelly sandwiches, cookies and mini cakes with iced tea.  I was invited to bring my favorite tea cup, but since I don’t usually drink tea, I decided to bring two espresso cups so JoeJoe and I could each enjoy our iced tea.  I really enjoyed my Mother’s Day Tea Party with Joseph and was very impressed!

Mother’s Day was just as special.  I was able to sleep in a bit later than usual, which was great.  The kids were each so excited to bring me the gifts they made me at school.  Juliana made me a design with all words to describe me.  In addition to her flattering words, she even included some of my favorites, General Hospital and Candy Crush!  Louis was so proud to give me his photo frame with an adorable picture of himself.  The frame was made out of a CD case… so unique!  Anthony gave me a beautiful pink bonnet to hang on our front door.  Joseph gave me a mini flower pot with seeds for us to grow our own flowers.  Each of the boys also decorated a MOM card.  Juliana gave me Hallmark cards from the kids, and each of the four kids also gave me a small gift.  Paul and all the kids bought be beautiful hoop earrings.  I am such a spoiled Mommy!

Breakfast was all ready after I finished getting dressed.  Paul made eggs, bacon and home fries and had picked up fresh bagels.  Yummy!

We hosted dinner with my parents, my brother and Matt, and my in-laws.  My mom brought the ‘macaroni and meatballs’ and I made a fresh pork roast and some veggies and salad.  Juliana and I stuffed strawberries with cannoli cream which we paired up with the Cannoli cream and shell chips that we love from Uncle Giuseppe’s.  We enjoyed those, fruit and other desserts.

I think this was the BEST Mother’s Day I have ever had.  I am truly one blessed Mom! Hope you all enjoyed as well!




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