Spring Preschool Picnics!

We’ve had so much fun over the last few days at the Preschool Picnics over at Brady Park.  We’ve lived here for five months now and although we’ve said it almost daily, I had yet to take a walk through the Preserve!  It has either been too cold, too dark or we’ve had other things to do (softball, baseball, playdates, etc!)  I got a chance to walk through the Preserve behind Brady Park BOTH yesterday AND today!  The boys’ preschool has their annual picnic in the park and we had so much fun!

Yesterday, Anthony and Joseph’s classes had their picnics.  With Louis off to school, the others and I headed to the park where both boys each played with their friends until heading with their classes for our nature walk.  Anthony’s class headed in one direction, Joseph’s in the other.  I set up Anthony to walk with his friend’s mom, someone I have become friends with, but I could have predicted that would not last very long.  He did not want me to leave him, so instead, I walked the first half with Anthony’s class and when we met Joe’s class at the halfway point (who was walking without any problems as he was with his friends’ moms), I switched and headed back with Joe’s class.  Then we headed to the picnic area where some dads were barbecuing hot dogs and the kids enjoyed chips, fruit, cookies and juice.  Louis joined us when he got out of school, and all three kids played on the playground until it was time to head home.

Today, we did the same routine, this time with Louis’ class.  As Joseph doesn’t go to school on Tuesdays, he got to enjoy a second day of picnicking along with Louis and I.

As we walked with the classes on the trail, the preschool teachers gave them a fun list of things to find.  We enjoyed looking for swans, logs, birds nests, fishermen and so much more.  The kids got a chance to enjoy nature and their friends, and I got a chance to go on two nice walks and be relaxed with the boys!

I am beyond happy with our preschool here in Massapequa.  Looking forward to the twins’ graduation and Joseph’s promotion ceremonies!



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