Mattress Buying Tips and Memorial Day Sales on Mattresses!

Paul and I have been talking about getting a new mattress for a while now.  After getting all new dining and living room furniture when we moved in December, we decided to put the new mattress on hold for a little while.  I think we might have to revisit this again because at least three nights a week he reminds me that he cannot get comfortable on our mattress.  I guess the last mattress we bought was not a smart investment.  I’ve been on the hunt for mattress buying tips to better understand the different types of mattresses available.

Types of mattresses

Ashley Sleep offers a variety of Memory Foam, Gel, and Latex beds designed to give you a comfortable and supportive sleep. With over 200 rigorous quality-control tests, you can be sure your mattress will hold up for years with proper care. Best of all, Ashley Sleep offers competitive pricing on their mattresses, pillows, and foundations for a Better Sleep at a Better Price!

In addition to traditional Memory Foam, Gel, and Latex mattresses, Ashley Sleep offers a variety of advancements in sleep technology for your family’s unique needs:

  • Temperature-Sensitive Beds: Ashley Sleep implements technologies like NuWave, a mixture of Memory Foam and cooling Gel to create a sleep surface that’s five times cooler than the leading Gel mattresses. There’s also Tencel, a wood pulp-based product that dissipates heat. Don’t worry about that uncomfortable “hot bed” feeling ever again!
  • Eco-Friendly Styles: Ashley Sleep reduces petrol-based chemicals wherever possible, including their Eco Fusion Memory product that uses 30% less oil than conventional Memory Foams. Also, Ashley Sleep utilizes compression technology to allow for reduced-size transportation.
  • Allergen-Safe: Looking to eliminate dust mites, mold, and mildew? Ashley Sleep Latex beds are antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. Plus, rest assured knowing that those allergic to Latex can still use a Latex bed as they are hypoallergenic and will not cause allergies (in bedding, you will never be in direct contact with the Latex to activate an allergic reaction).
  • Odor Eliminating: Thanks to technology like ActivFresh Charcoal and Evergreen Green Tea Extract, you don’t have to worry about chemical odors ruining your good night’s sleep. Ashley Sleep adds Active Charcoal in select beds to reduce odors and also absorb ambient moisture. Fresh air leads to a great night’s rest from day one.

Ashley Sleep Mattress Sale

If you’re in need of a comfortable night’s sleep and are looking for a new mattress or pillows at a great value, you’re in luck!  Ashley Sleep is having a Memorial Day sale!  Starting May 15th, the queen-sized Augusta Memory Foam Mattress will be on sale at the remarkably low price of $399! Or, if you’re interested in another type of mattress, like a gel or latex bed, there’s an offer for you, too! Any purchase of an Ashley Sleep mattress and box spring before June 3rd also includes two free memory foam contour pillows. For full offer details and all the fine print, please see

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Disclaimer: Ashley Furniture has asked me to talk to you about mattress buying tips.


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  • You should choose the mattress that provides adequate support and meets your standards for comfort and allows you to get a good night’s sleep. Your post definitely contains the best guidelines to be followed while buying a mattress.

  • I really appreciate this information and I quite agree that buying a mattress during sales periods saves you money.

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