Keeping organized… Kidecals!

With four kids, we seem to lose something every day (other than my mind!).  If we are not losing something, the kids are fighting with each other over which toy belongs to which kid, which cup is his, which book belongs to whom…  it is an endless fiasco of arguing over who is touching his sibling’s stuff!  It is more than necessary for us to label things in order to avoid the nonsense that we experience on a daily basis.  I want to introduce you to Kidecals!

Personalized Kids Name Labels:
Kidecals are an absolute must if you’ve got kids and hate losing their stuff. Label water bottles, clothing, books, toys, sports gear with their trendy and fun designs.  kidecals are crazy durable…dishwasher, washing machine AND dryer safe, and they don’t damage surfaces. Love it.

Waterproof Labels:
The annoying thing about using a sharpie to label stuff is it eventually washes away. Kidecals waterproof name labels are insanely durable and can stick to just about anything…from clothes to water bottles…and stay put through wash after wash after wash. Oh – and pool toys? Done and DONE.

Chalkboard Labels that you can write on:
Chalkboard labels are the easiest way to get organized fast without having to create new printed labels from scratch.  kidecals makes the prettiest designs, and their chalkboard labels are super durable and can even go through the dishwasher!

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Disclaimer: Massapequa Family will get a product review in return for this post, sponsored by US Family Guide. All opinions expressed are my own.


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