Our First Live Wrestling Experience

On Friday, my husband and I took our eleven year old daughter to TNA Impact Wrestling at The Theater at Westbury. If you recall when I announced that we were heading to this event, my family are big fans, as Thursday evenings in our house is a big night of wrestling.  Only thing is, I work on Thursday nights seeing clients, so I don’t get all into the wrestling drama.  I really knew nothing about the players of the evening.  While it isn’t my cup of tea, I really enjoyed my daughter’s excitement and watching her and my husband get so into the matches and cheer their favorites on.

The highlight of my evening was definitely seeing Hulk Hogan.  I remember watching him wrestle when I was a kid, and so it was a thrill to see him live as he egged on the crowd and the wrestlers.  I also enjoyed watching Sting and Jeff Hardy beat Bully Ray ad Devon.  I wanted them to win because they are the only current wrestlers that I had heard about (my kids talk about them every Friday morning after watching on Thursday evenings!)  And since I am being really honest, I have to admit that I enjoyed watching Robbie E, even though he lost to Joseph Park, because he is pretty darn HOT!

Although I cannot say I am a personal fan of wrestling, I know that my first live wrestling experience won’t be my last.  After all, I have three boys who LOVE wrestling following their sister’s footsteps!


Disclaimer: This Massapequa Family were supplied review tickets for this show.


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